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What does connecting employee engagement to business outcomes look like in your organization?

Framework for Improving Teamwork FIT is a three-step program conducted over a one-month period that raises the bar on what employees contribute to teams. 

Intended for individuals who have expectations of one another, the program helps employees define, state and advance team viewpoints relative to increasing productivity, collaboration and efficiency in the workplace.

FIT program meetings typically involve:

  • 1-hour detailed program review meeting for the entire team
  • 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions for team members with a certified FIT facilitator
  • 2-hour team delivery meeting, skilled facilitation in combination with commitment to advancing business outcomes through purposeful thought and structured communication. The experience immediately raises accountability and strengthens cohesion among team members of multiple generations.

Make sense of ambiguity with the Framework for Improving Teamwork FIT program.

"Better team communication the following year as a result of the exercise."  Roy Filipek

  Download the PDF of our FIT brochure to learn more or visit our Human Capital Gains page for more resources.


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Kathy recently helped us implement Halogen Talent Management system at Herzing University. Kathy brought expertise, unwavering commitment and "can do" attitude, and project planning skills to our project that were absolutely critical to our ability to implement the system in a short amount of time.  

~ Carol Emmel, Director of Organizational Development, Herzing University

Framework for Improving Teamwork FIT is a non-invasive, business-focused approach to working better together.