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Flexible Programs To Fit Your Needs - Onsite or Online, Individuals or Groups

Seminars and Training Programs offered through Strategic Solutions in Performance Management LLC provide your existing and potential managers with a variety of training and education opportunities. From group roundtables to webinars, to teams and individual coaching, our programs are rich in content, delivery and design.

Join the online community by registering for a prescheduled course or contact us to engage your team at your office on your schedule. The employee and the employer alike can benefit from courses in many categories including:


Engaging New Managers                                      
 Webinar:  $395/ea ppt. - 60 Minutes
 On-Site:   $695 max 4 ppt.   90 Minutes

Learn how to drive performance through strong relationship building and interpersonal skills in the first half of this course that explores the transition from player to manager. The second half strengthens one’s ability to succeed as a manager in answering the questions how can I: Guide, Challenge, Encourage, Facilitate, Advocate, and Team Build? 

The Engaging New Managers course highlights solutions (high value handouts!) to six areas where common mistakes, are noted for reference, but are then combated by ideas and suggestions to overcome these mistakes. The suggestions are fun to evaluate, easy to try-on and are sustainable year-over-year to assist you in developing and engaging, people!

Potential and existing new managers will find lasting value in the presentation content and integrated hand out materials.

Employment Law for Managers  
 Webinar:  $395/ea ppt. - 60 Minutes
 On-Site:   $695 max 4 ppt.  90 Minutes

Supervisors and managers representing an organization are required by law to demonstrate fundamental knowledge of employment law. This course reveals insight and implications of the EEO and Title 7, selection and placement laws, health, safety and security laws, and laws governing benefits and compensation. Broadening one’s knowledge builds confidence. Teams managed under the knowledge and application of the law, maximize the power of their business, reduce the risk of legal challenges and retain key employees.


Emotional Intelligence in the Multi-Generation Workplace
Webinar:   $395/ea ppt.      60 Minutes
On-Site:   $695 max 4 ppt  90 Minutes

Did you know you can immediately advance outcomes at work simply by raising awareness in four areas of Emotional Intelligence?

Allow your staff to be equipped with knowledge that will strengthen their ability to work together better, take the stress out of teamwork and more effectively raise accountability and results.  

This experience helps us to recognize our own emotions, the emotions of others, stay present in working through conflict, confusion and uncertainty.

“Top 10” Ways to Strengthen Workplace Relationships and Performance
 Webinar:  $395/ea ppt. - 60 Minutes
 On-Site:   $695 no participant limit – 90 minutes

Strengthen workplace performance through your knowledge of enhancing relationships. This engaging seminar explores some of the hardest practices that we face every day in the workplace. You’ll enjoy dialogue and interactive learning including: How to build relationships and partnerships at work, how to set yourself up to give and receive rave reviews, generational understanding and how to avoid the dreaded “Performance Improvement Plan” all from the perspective of both the employee and the manager.


Delivering Performance Feedback
 Webinar:   $355/ea ppt. - 60 Minutes
 On-Site:    $695 max 4 ppt.  90 Minutes

We begin with good intentions and we make an effort to influence; unfortunately, deviations often surface and prevent the message from its intended outcome. Managing the work of others requires expertise in acknowledging the value, engaging in the process and optimizing the results of delivering performance feedback. Uncover the preparation, delivery, and recognition necessary for enhancing employee performance and productivity. Learn how delivering feedback with a purpose can drive business results and employee growth.

Conducting a Performance Evaluation
 Webinar:   $355/ea ppt. - 60 Minutes
 On-Site:    $695 max 4 ppt. – 90 minutes

This experience begins with the end in mind.  Subsequent to the performance evaluation the employee will return to work motivated and engaged in their development and the attainment of business goals and objectives.  Is this even possible, you ask?  When preparation meets intention you accomplish more. Of course within preparation lie knowledge, tips and techniques for documentation, delivery and response.  See the difference when you follow a process with an intended outcome.  Then, times that positive impact by the number of performance evaluations required in your organization.

Improving Problem Performance
 Webinar:   $355/ea ppt. - 60 Minutes
 On-Site:    $695 max 4 ppt.  90 Minutes

Handle challenges with confidence! We begin with understanding the root of performance problems which then enables an opportunity to successfully design and articulate the desired outcome of specific actions or behaviors. Correcting problem performance encompasses a motivational understanding of delivery, collaboration among resolution and support through the process. This course reviews the documentation necessary in progressive discipline, including a detailed look at verbal counseling, written warnings and performance improvement plans


Change and Agility
 Webinar:  $395/ea ppt. - 60 Minutes
 On-Site:   $695 max 4 ppt. 90 Minutes

Organizational change can be disorienting and often overwhelming. Completion of the self-assessment questionnaire provides a sense of how effectively you manage the change process. With your score as a starting point each participant is able to adapt new circumstances and demands pertinent to their situation. The course provides strategies for navigating change that enable you to step up to new challenges and develop new skills and attitudes, while encouraging you to let go of old ways of thinking and working.

Motivation and Engagement
 Webinar:  $395/ea ppt. - 60 Minutes
 On-Site:   $695 Motivate members of your team with No Participant Limit!   90 Minutes

How apparent is motivation and recognition on your team? Whether it’s managing the daily workflow, encouraging change, or articulating consequences, understanding what motivates is essential. What drives employee engagement and what is engagement worth? How might you keep engagement strong when the economy isn’t? This interactive presentation allows participants to trouble shoot barriers and share techniques that have succeeded in their environment. See how investing just ten minutes each day can prove beneficial in monumental ways.


Conflict Resolution
 Webinar:  $395/ea ppt. - 60 Minutes
 On-Site:   $695 max 4 ppt.  90 Minutes

Each of us encounters conflict in the workplace. To handle conflict well you need to behave differently from your natural instincts at times. When disharmony arises, the ability to understand various causes and outcomes of conflict will allow you to negotiate a resolution. This course details the characteristics of the six most common types of aggressive people and provides effective ways to cope with their behavior. Application of tools and techniques designed to resolve conflict equate to increased productivity. 


Coaching Skills
 Webinar:  $395/ea ppt. - 60 Minutes
 On-Site:   $695 max 4 ppt. 90 Minutes

Coaching begins with a willing, working relationship based on trust, respect, commitment and confidentiality. We’ll explore coaching characteristics that enable you to unlock the potential of individuals and teams to maximize performance and effectiveness and enhance personal satisfaction in the work of those you coach. Effective coaching relationships require the understanding of the key differences between coaching and managing as well as knowledge in avoiding common mistakes.

Mentoring versus Coaching
 Webinar:  $395/ea ppt. - 60 Minutes
 On-Site:   $695 max 4 ppt. 90 Minutes

Mentoring entails developing critical relationships with powerful people. Taking on a protégé will add a new dimension to your role and make your work more interesting. Mentoring is committing to finding a path to success and helping gain the insight and contacts necessary in order to clarify steps to an individual’s future. Mentors are able to provide wise advice for incidental crises and decision crossroads. Understand how effective mentoring creates synergy and offers a way to leave a lasting legacy.


Career Development Planning
 Webinar:  $355/ea ppt. - 60 Minutes
 On-Site:   $695 max 4 ppt.  90 Minutes

Improve performance and maximize potential with a blended learning template for development.
 This experience explores a variety of development planning options tailored to the participant. Programs that adopt a blended approach to learning are highly valued by the manager and the employee. Whether the duration of the development plan is thirty days or three years, incorporating on-the-job training, independent study, mentors, professional associations, networking and external training all contribute to the outcome.


Getting Work Done Through Others
 Webinar:  $395/ea ppt. - 60 Minutes
 On-Site:   $695 max 4 ppt.  90 Minutes

Delegating tasks effectively enhance and accentuate your management style. Prepare for and implement a process that ensures you and your employees will effectively complete those delegated tasks. Common causes of problems in delegation can be overcome by a simple three step process. Defining your personal approach to delegation will aid in the making of confident and motivated employees. Getting work done through others comes from experience and training; this course provides insight that will put you on the fast track!

Managing the Delegated Environment
 Webinar:  $395/ea ppt. - 60 Minutes
 On-Site:   $695 max 4 ppt.  90 Minutes

Let's face it, you’re used to juggling a lot of projects and deadlines; so there’s room to increase your success ratio. Becoming an efficient manager of a delegated environment requires comprehensive performance standards, empowerment, authority, monitoring, and feedback. Discover insight with an immediate return on investment. See how using delegation to manage change more effectively in the workplace helps reduce employees’ anxiety regarding the change. The awareness you obtain will increase your effectiveness as a delegator and as a manager.


Fundamental Tools and Techniques 
 Webinar:  $395/ea ppt. - 60 Minutes
 On-Site:   $695 max 4 ppt. 90 Minutes

If one can collaborate effectively with a diverse group, then facilitation shouldn’t be all that difficult, right? Wrong. Facilitation requires an ability to recognize and apply what is needed. Gaining group consensus involves forging common language, using intentional silence, stimulating fresh perspectives, changing focus, and managing priorities. Once you’ve managed the various means of communication, it’s time to take on the challenges of getting participants to speak openly and honestly in an organized manner that is clear, respectful and productive.


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Courses presented
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Target class size: 1-15 employees.

Take advantage of a 30-minute one-on-one follow-up call with the facilitator two weeks post-event to address the competency in greater detail.

Educational sessions offered by Strategic Solutions are, simply put, an experience. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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