Emotional Intelligence in the Multi-Generation Workplace

Mon, February 26, 20181:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Did you know you can immediately advance business outcomes at work simply by raising awareness in four areas of Emotional Intelligence?

Allow your staff to be equipped with knowledge that will strengthen their ability to work together better, take the stress out of teamwork and immediately improve efficiences and productivity.  

This experience helps us to recognize our own emotions, the emotions of others, and magnifies how to stay present in working through conflict, confusion and uncertainty.

Webinar:  $155/ea ppt.      50 Minutes
On-Site:   $595 max 4 ppt  90 Minutes  

Of course we can accommodate any number of participants, reach out to 414-530-7905 for pricing!

Offered on:
Feb 26
Mar 12 & 26
Apr 09 & 23
May 07 & 21

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