Engaging New Managers

Tue, September 16, 20149:00 AM

Learn how to drive performance through strong relationship building and interpersonal skills in the first half of this course that explores the transition from player to manager. The second half strengthens one’s ability to succeed as a manager in answering the questions how can I: Guide, Challenge, Encourage, Facilitate, Advocate, and Team Build? Potential and existing new managers will find lasting value in the presentation content and integrated hand out materials.

Webinar: $125/ea ppt. 60 Minutes
On-Site: $295 max 4 ppt. 90 Minutes

Each interactive experience includes presentation material and link to webinar. Every registration includes a voluntary 30 minute one-on-one follow-up call with the course facilitator. The objective is to review the course competency in greater detail as it relates to the participant. Incredible Value!

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