Engaging New Managers

Tue, November 13, 20184:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Learn how to drive performance through strong relationship building and interpersonal skills in the first half of this course that explores the transition from player to manager. The second half strengthens one’s ability to succeed as a manager in answering the questions how can I: Guide, Challenge, Encourage, Facilitate, Advocate, and Team Build? 

The Engaging New Managers course highlights solutions (high value handouts!) to six areas where common mistakes, are noted for reference, but are then combated by ideas and suggestions to overcome these mistakes. The suggestions are fun to evaluate, easy to try-on and are sustainable year-over-year to assist you in developing and engaging, people!

Potential and existing new managers will find lasting value in the presentation content and integrated hand out materials.

Register for this course . . .  or email kweber@perfmgmtsolutions.com to schedule an alternative time.  

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