How Does FIT Help Our Organization?

Tue, December 6, 20169:00 AM - 10:00 AM

The Framework for Improving Teamwork FIT Program is an innovative alternative in managing performance that directly connects employee engagement to business results.

FIT is a three step program conducted over a one month period that raises the bar on what you expect your employees/participants to contribute to teams.  FIT sets a new standard in team productivity by enabling participants to identify, document and articulate what is necessary for them to do their best work.  Viewpoints are tailored and tied to desirable outcomes in maximizing individual, team, and business results.

FIT Teams = 3 - 8 participants.  Employees of all experience levels, tenures, and industries. Participants will reap the greatest benefit when they have on-going expectations of one another.  

Just one 30-day FIT Program has shown sustainability in increased productivity and communication up to two years!

This FREE webinar reviews:  A table-top presentation of Framework for Improving Teamwork (FIT), meeting agendas, program details, results and pricing.

FIT offers an inclusive organizational culture.  What will your employees bring to the table? 

Register for webinar details.  This insight offered every other Tuesday 9:00 a.m. through mid-April 2017 (45 min).

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