Human Capital Due Diligence™

Adding value to business mergers and acquisitions for all parties involved.

In any merger or acquisition, parties have become accustomed to the due diligence process: evaluating finances, real estate, other property, inventory and more. It helps to ensure a proper financial valuation and prepare for the transition and on-boarding process. But, when it comes to employees - the human capital at stake in the transaction – there is often little to assess value and plan for a successful integration.

People drive success or failure
If people are a business’ largest asset, why is human capital not looked at with the intensity in which other key areas are examined?

You can improve the outcome and value of the business transaction. Strategic Solutions in Performance Management can assist in the review and analysis of your human capital, helping devise and implement a strategy for success.

Through the Human Capital Due Diligence™ process you will:

  • Prepare people for change 
  • Uncover the value and contributions of existing employees 
  • Adopt a performance management process to meet the objectives of the newly combined organization 
  • Generate a sense of urgency in meeting newly defined goals within the organization 
  • Avoid productivity delays caused during integration 

Hit the Ground Running
During a transition, employees may feel uncertain about their role and future in the organization. This can lead to decreased productivity or employees leaving the business. Maximize productivity and retain employees using our model. It helps to ensure employee strengths are fully utilized and processes are made efficient.

Management Assessment - Before the acquisition, we can help assess managers to identify values, behaviors and motivations. Maximize employee job fit, hiring, promotion and development.

Talent Integration - This process helps identify if key leaders are in the right positions in the company. Through coaching and development, this process is driven by the strategic goals of the newly formed organization, ensuring that you are on track to succeed.

Staff Engagement - It isn’t just ownership that changes during this process - employees find themselves facing new processes, leadership, equipment and more. Through this process, we’ll focus on communication, technology, job satisfaction, and internal brand recognition to provide clarity in the new work environment. Chartered by leadership and driven by staff, results are measured quarterly for the first 24 months.

Performance Management Strategy - Every business - new, old and newly merged - is full of activity and infrastructure when it comes to employee management. During a transition, organizations may lack a cohesive approach to motivating and managing its workforce, or may be merging two approaches. We bring a comprehensive playbook to help navigate the performance management process post acquisition. Look to us to help you clarify details with a sense of urgency.

Career Transition - A merger or acquisition can mean making difficult changes in the workforce. When employees are not suited for the new organization, we can provide guidance, support and tools for those in transition. Our high level of expertise and diplomacy helps make these transitions less difficult for employer and employee.

Contact us today to add value and drive success in your newly formed oganization through Human Capital Due Diligence™.

Provide Greater Value to Your Buyers

As a M&A professional, you seek to provide value to both the buyer and the seller. Our programs can help:

  • Improve closing rates
  • Maximize the value of the organization
  • Prepare an organization for sale
  • Drive success in the new business
  • Reduce frustrations for all parties by following our playbook for performance management strategy
  • Increase success fees for your M&A practice

Partner with us and help improve the outcome of the transaction.