Human Capital Gain Programs

Designed to strengthen the productivity of the individuals and teams responsible for achieving business results.

Framework for Improving Teamwork FIT        

FIT engages multiple generations, the program increases productivity through structured communication, focus and accountability.

What happens in your firm when you provide team members with an opportunity to think and document like a business owner for 27 days? What thoughts will your employees bring to the table?

Articulating and delivering quality viewpoints in the workplace seldom happens on its own.  The FIT Program uses a combination of group and individual meetings to achieve results immediately with tangible outcomes that teams employ right away. 

 Entire Team     Detailed program review
 One Hour
 1:1 Coaching
     Content overview, coaching, Q & A
 Thirty Minutes
 Entire Team
     Articulation, accountability, cohesion    
 Two Hours

FIT sets a new standard for team productivity by providing a platform in which participants are guided through purposeful thought in maximizing individual, team, and business results. Build candor through knowledge and raised awareness of emotional intelligence. All criteria is tied to productivity, collaboration and intended outcomes in your workplace.

FIT Pilot Team Pricing
4 Person Team
  5 Person Team
  6 Person Team
  7 Person Team
 Time Commitment*per Individual over 30
5.0/6.0 hr
6.0/7.0 hrs
7.0/8.0 hrs
 8.0/9.0 hrs

            *time spent by participants is 100% connected to Your Business! 

This innovative alternative program advances individual, team and business results simultaneously!  Isn't it time you take the stress out of teamwork!

"We've already incorporated improvements!" stated prior to program finish by: Pete Mueller, Owner, Welders Supply Co,  Aug 25,'16.

Behavioral Interviewing Skills
Behavioral interviewing is a strategy used in the selection of an employee/staff member. Thousands of companies from multiple industries have used Behavioral interviewing to hire and promote people throughout their organizations.

This program enables hiring managers and others who interview on behalf of your organization to immediately drive better hiring decisions. Beat the odds by incorporating position and organizational fit; reduce the risk of legal challenges, and lower employee turnover. This course includes a complete library of behavioral based competency questions.

Designed for groups of any number, this lifelong skill requires one full day (6.5 hours) at the cost of $499 per participant. Option: If your organization has just a few interviewers, register your company name with us to pair up with another business and make new connections.

Career Transition Services
 Strategic Solutions offers individuals who have been or soon will be downsized, the knowledge and encouragement to move forward. This program offers a high quality, unique balance between a high cost outplacement program and no alternative. One-on-one and team coaching. connect with knowledge, tools and best practices that enable participants to benefit from this period of transition while the organization upholds its reputation.

Attendees learn how to assess their skills, survey their professional environment and outline professional objectives. Working through a detailed communication strategy includes the adoption of exit and positioning statements, the need for social networking, and guidelines for constructing resumes and cover letters that hit the mark within the defined target market. Participants also learn crucial implementation and management skills, enabling them to articulate a credible message to hiring managers, key networkers and the marketplace.

Services in Career Transition are designed with flexibility to collaborate on-site or, via tele-conference and webinar w/presentation material. Choose from course duration of 2 or 4 weeks.

2 weeks (4 hrs/week M-F):  $1,950 participant; $1,650/participant (three or more).
4 weeks (4 hrs/week M-F):  $3,950 participant; $3,550/participant (three or more).

Communicate With Impact
 This experience highlights the connection between the knowledge of communication styles and achieving results. Learn and laugh - as you apply valuable insight through an interactive interpersonal skills program, then apply this knowledge to the ten most challenging communication situations.

On-Site Only:  $895 - 2 Hours
 This program best suited for teams between 3-10 participants.

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We recently employed the services of Kathryn Weber to assist with our Annual Staff In-Service and we were extremely pleased with her outstanding work. She was able to quickly and effectively lead our group to consensus in several critical areas, including selecting organizational core values and strategizing a plan for enhancing board-staff relations. 

~ Peg Palmer, Executive Director, Milwaukee Achiever Literacy Services