Infrastructure: The Performance Management Continuum

Wed, April 23, 20149:00 AM

This engagement appeals to all small and mid-size business owners and their leadership teams looking to retain, engage, evaluate, and develop their workforce.

Activities that make up an organization’s infrastructure are often disconnected and therefore not serving full purpose or maximizing the return on investment from the activity. The Performance Management Continuum establishes purpose within ten various stages of the employee life cycle from Core Values to Rewards.

What does your infrastructure say about your business?

$199 One hour presentation: The Performance Management Continuum (no participant limit!)
$199 One hour roundtable discussion with your team (up to eight participants): The Performance Management Continuum

One hour web-community presentation of the Performance Management Continuum offered:

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Establish a correlation in your organization between clarity in performance management initiatives and increased productivity and collaboration. Comprehend ten stages in the employee life cycle and points to maximize your investment in each area. See how purpose and meaning bring profit to infrastructure.

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