Maximize Individual and Team Performance

Mon, October 9, 20171:00 PM - 2:00 PM

A shift in maximizing performance in the workplace today is upon us. 

Antiquated methods no longer serve a purpose in today's culture.  Disjointed workflow and inconsistent steps in the performance management process have created barriers in collaboration and productivity. Fortunately alternative solutions are available to us.

The historical need for management to articulate the big picture to employees remain, what has transitioned is a need to understand and address what motivates individuals to work together.  "Candor is one skill that can make or break your career. It is in short supply in almost every company." - Jack Welch

How do you makes sense of ambiguity?

Be deliberate.  It is the raised awareness among employees to recognize and demonstrate candor within professional collaboration that directly manifests in teams and the individual.  

Learn how to strengthen candor on your team.

"All too often employers fall short of strengthening performance in their effort to manage performance"  - Kathryn Weber

Webinar:  $195/ea ppt.          60 Minutes
On-Site:   $795 max 4 ppt.    90 Minutes

Also Offered on:
Oct 9 & 23
Nov 6 & 20
Dec 4 & 18

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Our expertise serves in the design and implementation of performance management plans effective in increasing your productivity and retaining your key employees.