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Programs designed to retain, engage, evaluate and develop your workforce

It is the people in your organization that conduct business daily, internally and externally.  Infrastructure combined with people, determines internal brand.

At Strategic Solutions for Performance Management we understand that elevating productivity and performance is key, this is accomplished by engaging staff in meaningful infrastructure.

Human Resource Consulting Services

Organizations that make an effort to get by without representation of a professional in human resources often pay a price higher than they would if they had proactively consulted expertise in this field.  Hidden costs like lack of employee engagement and turnover are inexpensive compared to potential legal issues from claims of discrimination or employee relation issues that seemingly had been swept under the rug. In employers where Human Resources falls under the ownership of Operations or Finance, Strategic Solutions serves as a partner in exposing best practices in managing the Human Resource function. Subsequent to discussion of need and in many cases vulnerability, the depth of our partnership is determined by our clients’ priorities.

On the other hand, where organizations commit to full-time staff in Human Resources, their staff is often managing tasks such as payroll, benefits and the day-to-day process that defines each step within the employee life cycle. In these instances Strategic Solutions partners with existing staff in Human Resources, in some cases to build credibility and in other cases to further strategic initiatives. Best practices in process and efficiencies are uncovered with the intent to strengthen representation and outcome of Human Resources deliverables.

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Human Capital Due Diligence Services

In merger or acquisition, parties have become accustomed to the due diligence process: evaluating finances, real estate, other property, inventory and more. Strategic Solutions in Performance Management can assist in the review and analysis of your human capital, developing and implementing a strategy for success. Maximize productivity and retain employees when you reference the playbook:  Performance Management Plan Design Post Acquisition – A Blueprint for ConsistencyRead More

Performance Management Continuum Development

Every business is full of activity and infrastructure when it comes to employee management, but often times, we lack a cohesive approach to motivating and managing our workforce. By identifying and strengthening areas that are lacking clarity, Strategic Solutions will assist in the design of a Performance Management Continuum™, driving an ongoing, inter-connected employee life cycle in order to produce and maintain results.
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Human Capital Gain Programs

Through our Human Capital Gains education and training programs, your team can elevate performance. Consider our Framework for Improving Teamwork (FIT) Program, raising awareness in Behavioral Interviewing Skills, or assist employees in Career Transition Services. Read More

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  • Retain behavioral interviewing, management development
  • Engage performance management plan design, surveys
  • Evaluate process, succession planning, competencies
  • Develop blended learning, coaching

Strategic Solutions in Performance Management LLC BBB Business Review

Kathy has brought strong expertise and outside perspective to help us raise the bar on the way we manage our employees. I was particularly impressed with her ability to help us "bring alive" our agency core values and to integrate them into everything we do. I highly recommend Kathy and her strength to "drive" home whatever human capital initiative you are trying to implement in your organization.  

~ Holly Patzer, Executive Director, Wisconsin Community Services