Performance Management Continuum™

Enhancing the employee lifecycle through developing purposeful infrastructure.

Every business is full of activity and infrastructure when it comes to employee management, but often times, we lack a cohesive approach to motivating and managing our workforce. The Performance Management Continuum™ drives your focus and outcome in an ongoing, inter-connected lifecycle in order to produce and maintain results.

The Value of Clarity
Enlightened leaders understand that the foundation for higher performance and achieving goals today, in any organization, is clarity. Clarity of purpose and clarity of expectations. Simply put, increased clarity almost always leads to better outcomes.

Implementing Clarity
A performance management strategy ties together high level corporate decisions such as values and mission with tactical events like hiring, on-boarding, setting goals, annual reviews and even informal coaching interactions. It brings together a lot of disconnected institutional information and combines it with known best practices.

By identifying and strengthening areas that are lacking clarity, Strategic Solutions will assist in the design of a Performance Management Continuum that will deliver:

  • Greater purpose in your activities
  • Immediate productivity improvements of managers and their staff
  • Engaged and professional workforce with higher rates of job satisfaction and retention
  • A heightened sense of urgency about setting and meeting individual goals, as well as team collaboration and development

The Performance Management Continuum™ Defined
Rewards: Public, private, non-monetary and monetary. Reinforce positive behaviors and demonstration of aspired and required goals in the workplace.

Results: Achievement of stated goals and objectives in an environment that welcomes and propels productivity.

Blended Learning: Applies a variety of different learning principals and methods to encourage growth while allowing for individual choice.

Performance Evaluations: Recognize individual and team effort, drive organizational goals, strengthen relationships, and raise the bar in performance expectations.

Management Feedback and Coaching: Drives teamwork and employee engagement through motivation, achievement and succession planning.

Management Development: Strengthen and encouraging individuals to learn and apply leadership skills that 1) over come obstacles, 2) minimize ambiguity and 3) incorporate/achieve a sense of urgency.

Goal Setting: Clarity and direction set the stage for collaboration, learning, stretching and celebrating.

Orientation: Form solid relationships with intention. Set expectations, and allow people to become comfortable and empowered in their new environment.

Hiring Practices: Competencies defined in correlation with position descriptions. Embrace culture, organizational, and motivational fit.

Core Values: The root of the continuum and emphasized throughout many steps in the process. The consistent application of values drives clarity and empowers accountability while providing a common sense of direction.

Performance Management Continuum™ Process 

Evaluating and strengthening these areas bring greater continuity, clarity and urgency: core values through rewards.

  • Assessment 
  • Design 
  • Implementation 
  • Expansion

Contact us today to bring clarity and a sense of urgency to steps within the employee life cycle at your organization.