Seminars & Training

Connecting to the Knowledge You Need

Getting work done through others requires an investment in knowledge. When we expand the knowledge of an individual they can assume greater responsibility on behalf of the organization.

Strategic Solutions in Performance Management LLC provides your existing and potential people managers with knowledge that brings forth confidence, candor and courage in managing employees.  

Whether you are an individual looking for ways to advance your career or an employer who wants to create greater engagement among your staff, we offer a variety of courses to strengthen the skill level and confidence of your workforce. For example:

  • Leadership and Coaching 

  • Manage or STRENGTHEN Performance

  • Resolving Conflict

  • Conducting a Performance Evaluation

  • Multi-Generational Motivation and Engagement

  • Delivering Performance Feedback

  • Improving Problem Performance

  • Raise the Bar on TEAMWORK

  • And More!

View our course descriptions or course calendar to find the training program that is right for you.

Behavioral Interviewing

Behavioral interviewing is a strategy used in the selection of an employee/staff member. Thousands of companies from multiple industries have used Behavioral interviewing to hire and promote people throughout their organizations.

This program enables hiring managers and others who interview on behalf of your organization to immediately drive better hiring decisions. Beat the odds by incorporating position and organizational fit; reduce the risk of legal challenges, and lower employee turnover. This course includes a complete library of behavioral based competency questions.

Designed for groups of any number, this lifelong skill requires one full day (6.5 hours) at the cost of $349 per participant. Option: If your organization has just a few interviewers, register your company name with us to pair up with another business and make new connections.

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I had no idea of how much I DIDN'T know and I am so happy to have found an expert who was able to direct, guide and plan my future in human resources. I see her as an invaluable partner to my business. 

~ Lori Mendelsohn Thomas, Owner, Wisconsin Pet Care