Tapping Into Teamwork: 4 Creative (Yet Professional!) Ways to Maximize Performance


1. Articulate the big picture: Simply because your team resides within the confines of a corporation does not mean that they have to operate as drones. Articulating big picture business goals and understanding what motivates individuals to work together is imperative for those organizations focused on growth. Bernard A. Nagle captured it well, stating “The saddest and most devastating waste of resources in corporations today is the untapped creativity, enthusiasm and discretionary effort, lying dormant in the hearts, minds and spirit of the workforce.” How will you tap the creativity and enthusiasm lying beneath the surface in your workplace this year?

2. Create employee engagement via a Results Highway: Your business, like a highway, will no doubt possess detours, potholes and lane closures. Providing new and existing employees with clarity and direction in policy and process can provide rapid advancement around and through these obstacles. How and what employees contribute to a team in your organization is a bar you can raise simply by adopting a platform and establishing an expectation. Once your efforts to engage become intentional and consistent, your employees will increase the speed in which they operate.

3. Overcome obstacles with strength in viewpoints. The processing and articulation of quality feedback in the workplace today seldom happens on its own. What is a primary reason why employees say they are not communicating as well as they should? They’re too busy. Followed closely by “I don’t know how” and “there may be relevant information unknown to me.” So how can managers creatively combat a lack of substantive viewpoints? By quickly and clearly connecting team members to their roles and responsibilities in combination with group and 1:1 coaching driven by purposeful thought.

4. Foster trust via collaboration. In 2020, 20 million members of Generation Z (those born between 1995 and 2000) will start their careers—and bring with them their own expectations about work. Major corporations and lean startups, alike, are embracing this shift. However quality viewpoints in the workplace today are, and will continue to be, hard to come by. While loyalty may have diminished, trust and viewpoints among employees are two critical components for sustaining business success. Employee viewpoints shared with confidence builds collaboration, which in turn builds trust. Employers who deliberately make an effort to strengthen trust in the workplace today will reap rewards in results. What is your strategy to engage the next generation in your workforce?

Kathryn Weber, PHR / SHRM-CP, owns Strategic Solutions in Performance Management - a Southeastern Wisconsin-based business that specializes in advancing individual, team and business results. Weber and her team facilitate on-site programs that create an innovative teambuilding strategy - directly connecting employee engagement with business results through the Framework for Improving Teamwork (FIT). Send her an email at kweber@perfmgmtsolutions.com

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