Targeted Selection® Behavioral Interviewing Skills

Tue, March 15, 2011

This full-day course enables hiring managers and others who interview on behalf of your organization immediately drive better hiring decisions. Get ahead by incorporating the process of motivational and organizational fit; reduce the risk of legal challenges, and lower employee turnover.

Cost: $2,500 (plus participant materials) for full-day training of 6-14 interviewers at your organization.
Small Business Promotion: Don't have 6-14 interviewers to train? You can split the $2,500 cost of the session with another small business by registering your company name with us! We'll match you up with another small business and will together determine a convenient date and location for all!

This full-day course can be offered any other time if specially requested. Call us today or register online to lock in your date on our calendar!

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